Friday, May 16, 2008

More Bikini! #5 Sara Hantz

I’m so excited to be part of Linda’s launch party. I’ve been hanging out for the release of Death by Bikini. And what a fabulous title. Pure genius.

Anyway, to celebrate with Linda I decided to pop open a bottle of bubbly, unwrap a huge block of dark ginger flavored chocolate (I’m that sort of giving person, even though it’s only ten in the morning I’m forcing myself to do this!!) and talk to you about my beach adventures. Hang on a moment… I’ve never had any beach adventures… unless you think vacations in Europe with my best friend adventurous.

Trouble is they were so long ago I can’t really remember what we got up to… apart from going paragliding, having more Sangria than should be allowed and meeting some gorgeous European guys who took us around on their scooters…. And that’s probably as much as I’m going to say (on the grounds it might incriminate me), other than we had such fun (hmmm… maybe there’s a book in there).

So, HUGE HUGE congratulations to Linda. Death by Bikini is going to be a HUGE success (am I allowed to say HUGE this many times?).

There’s a cute cherry phone charm up for grabs and all you have to do is post a comment.

Bio: Sara Hantz started writing when she ran out of degrees to study and decided it was much more fun to make things up than to comment on dry academics. Born in England, she moved to New Zealand a few years ago. The Second Virginity of Suzy Green is Sara's first novel.