Thursday, May 15, 2008


There's always something intriguing about a teenage summer romance.

I always think of Sandy and Danny in "Grease," and that whole "Summer Lovin'" number. You catch a guy's eye at camp, at the pool, or at the mall. Since you don't know him from Adam, he could be a tenor in his private school's show choir or a bad boy straight out of juvie.

Once at summer camp, when I was about 14, I met this guy from Texas (myself living in Colorado). He was really cute--dark curly hair, tan, tall, and athletic. And who in their right mind is immune to that soft, Southern drawl? For some reason, he had developed a crush on me. One day, he gave me the chunky gold ring right off his finger. I thought this was a bit odd, but hey, he was from Texas so maybe that's what they did down there.

He followed me around, and we hung out at all the group activities. He even held my hand on movie night. The only thing going against this guy was his tie-dyed "Stud Muffin" T-shirt (I kid you not, it had "Stud Muffin" airsprayed across the chest). And right, he lived in a whole other state. Mind you, this was before the age of the internet, so after we parted ways, we were reduced to
penpals and after 5:00 PM phone calls (so it wasn't too expensive).

Sometimes he'd call me and there'd be a girl's voice in the background. He'd be talking to her instead of me, and I didn't know who she was. In time, I got back into the guys at my own school (none of whom sported tie-dyed "Stud Muffin" shirts) and realized that this "relationship" had gone as far as it possibly could. I mailed his ring back to him. A week or two later, he called (with the same loud girl in the background) and said he hadn't received the ring. I felt bad, because I wasn't sure if it was a family heirloom or something. Then again, I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth about not having received it. I'm not sure what ever happened to him, but it was my first summer romance.

So... tell me about your first summer romance and you will be entered to win a signed copy of