Friday, May 16, 2008

MORE BIKINI! #3 Heather Brewer

Strangers Have the Best Candy

I've always been fascinated with mysterious strangers—strangers, after all, have the best candy. So it's not really surprising that my books tend to feature them. And no matter the genre, the mysterious stranger tends to often be there, intriguing us to learn more about who they are, about where they fit in. You never know whether the stranger is the love of the protagonist's life or the end of their life. It's that shadow, that mystery that draws us to them. And mystery, I like to think, is a large part of what makes a story worth reading.

It is no mystery, however, that Linda Gerber's DEATH BY BIKINI is a debut worth celebrating. It looks to be chock full of twists and turns (not to mention a rockstar's strangled girlfriend…strangled with a bikini top, I might add). And it is my absolute honor to raise a sandy glass in celebration. Way to go, Linda!

If you'd like to win a copy of my most recent book, NINTH GRADE SLAYS (the second book in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series), just leave a comment answering me this: if you were to murder someone on a beach, what would you use as a weapon?

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