Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bonus! The late Partier has arrived!

KC Dyer is fashionably late, but we're going to cut her some slack because she's been swamped, putting together the Surrey International Writers' Conference. (If you are a writer, I highly recommend this conference. It's one of the best I've ever been to.) KC has sent her characters, Cleo and Logan from MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK to talk lies with us. Because of their late arrival and to give anyone who is interested a chance to win, I'm going to postpone the announcement of the Latte gift pack and party winners until tomorrow morning. I hope that's OK with everyone... We'll announce the winner of KC's drawing on Friday.

Logan Kemp and Cleo Jones -- Journal Entries on the Subject of Veracity.

Liar? Me? I don't think so. Graphic novel artist -- sure. Wicked rugby player -- absolutely. Don't listen to the little weirdie from down the hall. She's the liar...not me.

Uh -- Logan?
First of all, I am NOT a little weirdie. Just because a person doesn't subscribe to your particular agenda doesn't mean they are weird. And lying? Let's just say I have seen all those candy-bar wrappers in your wastebasket. And I know the lady in the little store in the hospital lobby gives you the stink-eye for a reason, bucko. Anyway, I don't lie. It doesn't count when a person is just trying to present herself in the best light. It doesn't .

Ha. Don't make me laugh. You can't even tell the truth about your own name. You are just Cleo. Plain Cleo -- not some fancy-dancy Jaqueline chick. And as for trying to present yourself in the best light... Well, I guess that's why you're so familiar with the contents of my wastebasket, huh? Just how many times were you hiding your own wrappers in there, anyway? At least my wrappers are for candy -- not little packages of self-destruction....
Read more about Cleo and Logan in Ms. Zephyr's Notebook -- or talk to the author at contact@kcdyer.com ! And if you'd like to win a copy of MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK, drop a comment here! I'll throw the names into a hat and announce a winner right here on Linda Gerber's site on Friday, September 26th.

Enjoy the bonus! And now I'm going to go watch the season premier of Heroes! (Love TIVO!) See you tomorrow!!!