Monday, September 22, 2008


OK, that was weird. I posted everything before I took off to take my daughter to the doctor, but when I came home, two of the posts were gone! Sorry about that! Let the launch party commence!!!

This is it - the final day of the launch party. Thanks for dropping in and celebrating with us!

First, before I forget -
Yesterday's DEATH BY LATTE prize package goes to:


And the iTunes gift card winners in honor of Heather's birthday are:

Krysten Hylian Vampire Devyn

Please shoot me your mailing address at gerb at lindagerber dot com and your prize is on its way!

Meanwhile, today will be a little different than originally planned. One of our illustrious authors may be a little late joining us, so we only have three author posts to start off the day. I don't want to limit your chances to win, though, so here's what we'll do. I just did the GCC tour, visiting different blogs and talking about the book. Below are the blog links. For every blog that you visit and leave a comment, you will earn one entry for today's DEATH BY LATTE prize package as well as the grand prize to be drawn tomorrow. The more entries, the greater your chances of winning. (Just let me know where you commented...)

And, as a reminder, if you haven't done so already, you may still comment on any of the posts during this party and receive an entry for the prize drawings. The winners will be announced tomorrow on the blog.

GCC tour links:

alyson noel

megan kelley hall
stacy dekeyser
carrie jones
teri brown
shanna swendson
megan crane
karin gillespie
stephanie kuehnert
amanda ashby
wendy toliver
april henry
eileen cook
jennifer echols
laurie stolarz

Party on!

Note - because of the late posting time today, the contests will remain open until Wednesday evening instead of morning as I had originally planned...