Friday, September 19, 2008


Give it up for SORORITY 101 author, party girl (and agency sistah) Marley Gibson! You're going to want to watch for Marley's upcoming GHOST HUNTRESS series, too!

Thanks soooooo much to my pal, Linda Gerber, for inviting me to blog along with her and so many other wonderful young adult authors to celebrate the release of Linda's new book DEATH BY LATTE! I hope you rush out to the store and scoop up a copy for yourself.
In DEATH BY LATTE, Linda's heroine, Aphra, lies to her Dad about going to visit a friend in South Carolina, but she's really headed to Seattle to find her mother. Which brings up the it okay to lie sometimes when it's for the greater good? We'll certainly find out when we read Linda's book.
I'll admit that I've told "white lies" before. Most often, it's because I didn't want to hurt someone's feelings or didn't want to explain myself too much. Who among us hasn't been over to a friend's house to eat and the food is just...blecky. You don't tell them that. You politely eat it and wash down the uncooked vs. charred parts down with your iced tea. LOL! Or perhaps you told your employer that there was an accident on the Interstate on your way to work...when you really accidentally hit that snooze bar one too many times. I think in these instances, it's not lying to hurt anyone, but just stretching the truth to make a situation Aphra.
And yes...I'm currently lying to someone. One of my bestest buddies, Rebecca, is moving from Boston to Southern California. She and her hubby need to get away from everything they've known all of their lives and spend some time on their own taking a chance and exploring a new part of the country...away from their families who seem to control sooooo much of their calendars. In all honesty, this completely breaks my heart as Rebecca is one of the best people I know. We go to lunch together every day and she makes me laugh and makes work fun. What am I going to do without her? I'm soooooooo sad...but I can't make it about me. It's about her and her hubby having a fresh start and an adventure while they're still young and don't have kids. And's's sunny California. Why would I deny her that? So, to keep a stiff upper lip on the emptiness I'm feeling with her impending departure to the Wrong Coast, I keep quiet and tell her I support her 100% (which I do...again...not about me.) But, I'll admit there will be a giant hole in my heart when my buddy leaves me.
Is it wrong for me to lie to her? I don't think so. She needs the support and I'm glad to give it. I know that her future is bright and there are bigger and better things for her out there to discover...and I know we'll always stay in touch. Life is full of challenges and we have to grab them by the horns and go for it...just like Aphra does in DEATH BY LATTE.
Do you agree?
Thanks again to Linda and HUGE CONGRATS on the book release!!!

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Note from Linda - This post makes me want to reach through the screen and give Marley a big hug. (((((((((((Marley))))))))))