Monday, September 22, 2008


Our first partier today is Lori McGillicuddy, c/o Jennifer Echols, author of the Simon Pulse romantic comedies MAJOR CRUSH and THE BOYS NEXT DOOR and the upcoming hot drama, GOING TOO FAR.

Hi, I’m Lori McGillicuddy. Stop laughing. I am a fabulous actress. Stop laughing! I didn’t think I was such a hot actress either. I am a terrible liar. But I had to do SOMETHING to get Sean, the boy next door, to notice me before he went off to college. First I tried glamming myself up (which was more difficult than it sounds, with nearly sixteen years of dirt under my fingernails), and I thought at first that he was wowed by the enhancement of my natural beauty *snort*. Then he turned around and stole his younger brother Adam’s girlfriend Rachel instead of me!

But now I had an ally. Adam and I conspired to pretend to date each other, thus driving Rachel and Sean mad, I tell you, MAD with jealousy and lust. That was the theory, anyway. It’s been a week, and Sean and Rachel only seem to be growing closer. Luckily Adam and I get along great. We’ve hung out together all summer long since we were kids, so we hardly mind going to the movies together and flirting with each other. We can even stand making out.

Let’s stop and examine this for a moment, shall we? Adam and I are making out, Rachel and Sean know this, and yet Rachel and Sean are not scrambling to tear us apart and reclaim us for their own. What to do? I say Adam and I continue down this path in the hope that our ploy works eventually.

I will let you know.