Monday, September 22, 2008


Keri Mikulski's in the house! Woot! Keri is all around amazing - besides writing, she also coaches softball - so she knows what she's talking about in her novel Screwball!

Can Lies Be Justified?

When Linda emailed me about the party, I was excited to attend and also in the midst of finishing my sequel to SCREWBALL. Then, when Gerb shared her opening scene of
DEATH BY LATTE, which sounds amazing by the way and everyone should order a copy ASAP, I realized that DEATH’s main character Aphra and SCREWBALL’s main character Ashley both lie during the opening scene of their sequels.

Warning: Blatant Promotion Ahead

Ashley Clarke blatantly lies to her parents so she can spend time with her boyfriend, Jake Cole. Ashley’s Cape Town cop father forbid her to see Jake after his mother was found dead of a drug overdose and Ashley was caught on the back of Jake’s illegal moped. Therefore, Ashley’s parents never really gave Jake a chance. They prejudged him based on his family and Ashley’s actions.

Are Ashley’s lies justified?

Okay, here’s another possible justified lie. J This particular lie was the first and only lie I told my hubby. It happened during the first night we met at a college party.

Justified Lie:

“I had no idea you were going to be here,” says Keri, sipping from her red plastic cup and gazing into Justin’s gorgeous big brown eyes. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” pumps from a beat up speaker resting on top of a step behind Justin’s head. He’s sitting on top of a television.

The Truth:

Yes, I knew your hot butt was going to be at this party. I’ve been checking you out since freshman year of high school when you were a stud senior wrestler. In fact, I wanted to see you so bad tonight that I convinced my friend to drive through a snowstorm just so I could sport my best flannel and grab your attention.

My hubby thinks it was fate that brought us together that February night. Fate. Uh. Huh. Sure. J We married four years later. So, was my lie justified?

My MC Ashley listens to her IPOD a lot during SCREWBALL 2: CHANGE UP. To celebrate the release of DEATH BY LATTE, I’m giving away an ITunes Gift Certificate. To enter to win, just tell me your favorite new song. My IPOD is filled with too many nineties tunes, so I’d love to hear what you’re listening to. J Have a great release day, Gerb!